V/Line – Culvert Works


As V/Line is the primary provider of public transport to key regional areas, it’s importance that all rail elements are structurally sound. This includes culverts –pieces of railway infrastructure that channel water around obstacles. V/Line engaged Brunton with ongoing culvert works across dozens of locations along the regional rail network, including Albury, Bendigo and Ballarat.






The team carried out multiple works to ensure the regional rail network remains reliable and structurally sound.

Our Solution

  • Brunton conducted many geotechnical investigations to have a thorough understanding of the geotechnical capacity of the existing area.
  • The project engineers identified the bearing capacity of the ground, the presence of any ground water and rock. They rerouted the waterways to prevent surrounding water from entering the project site.
  • Brunton attempted to be cost-effective when they installed different precast components by using civil plant for smaller items and mobile cranes for larger, heavier ones.
  • After the team installed the in-situ culverts, they backfilled the culverts in line with quality control requirements to promote proper drainage.
  • Brunton then completed accompanying track works to provide a one-contractor solution.

Our Results

After the works were completed, the culverts provided proper drainage in the transport corridor. The culverts are constructed in a way that the drainage doesn’t affect the train’s running schedule.