Our engineers have forged their careers in automotive industrial tooling, mechanical systems for the trucking industry as well as screw conveyor and belt conveyor design and manufacture. This experience combines at Brunton Engineering and Construction and allows us to deliver innovative mechanical engineering solutions.

Our Somerton workshop facilitates the design and manufacture of everything from small linear pulley systems to complex elevated screw conveyors.



Brunton Engineering & Construction was engaged by CSR
Bradford through Visy’s ‘Build Run Repair’ to relocate its
Dandenong plant to Scoresby in 2015 and 2016.
In 2013, Brunton Engineering & Construction was engaged
by GMW from February to May for the supply of movable
cofferdam to enable repair works on Mildura Weir.

During this project, the company:

  • Produced a 3D model and a full set of fabrication drawings based on GHD’s preliminary engineering designs
  • Fabricated over 16 tonnes of structural steel using a variety of certified welding procedures
  • Fitted two sluice valves, ten large steel castors, four sets of truck landing gears and two submersible hydraulic jacks, allowing the cofferdam to run across the existing ridge in the river floor
  • Custom-designed and manufactured a davit crane and hoist to allow equipment to be safely lowered into the work area
  • Tailored a series of rubber seals and flaps to seal the cofferdam to the river floor and restrict the surrounding river from accessing the work area
  • Successfully transported the cofferdam across a lock to the dam runway using a variety of truck and crane configurations, completing installation ahead of schedule in under five days.



• Layout of hundreds of machines, each processing specific engine components
• Layout completed in conjunction with meteorologist to within +/- 1mm accuracy
• Equipment installed and levelled
• Electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment connections (working with multiple trades)
• Maintenance during initial production phases extended for five-year period while machines produced thousands of engines
Toyota Australia has a well-known history as a major producer in Australia’s automotive market. Since the company’s inception in 1996, projects completed by Brunton Engineering & Construction for Toyota include: • Supply and installation of numerous industrial buildings, canopies, airlocks and storage areas • Construction of civil structures, including machinery pits and foundations • Installation of hundreds of pieces of Japanese equipment in the 2012 Engine Shop upgrade, based on a high-precision set-out • Continued maintenance of the Engine Shop utilising support labour.
The project also involved: • Interpreting Japanese drawings to find anchoring locations, laying these out on a CAD drawing of the new building (22,000 m2) • Specialist subcontractor work – laying out thousands of anchor locations in empty factory • Civil work – concrete cutting the thousands of anchor locations • Management – unloading hundreds of containers at offsite location before bringing equipment into final laydown area • Mechanical work – installing machines and getting them up and running • Subcontractor work – working with teams of electricians and plumbers to connect the machines • Maintenance – identifying areas where processes could be improved using custom mechanical works.
Conceptualising the entire process in CAD form allowed work to be completed in specific phases for maximum efficiency – set-out, anchor point construction, placement, connection, and maintenance. Shut Down/Non-Operation Periods Brunton Engineering & Construction appreciates the importance of performance targets, and recognises the crucial role shut-down time plays to the bottom line of any business. The company persistently works to critical production schedules, often under extremely short notice.
‘The company is highly adaptable to changing environmental conditions and situations.’

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