Family business

Owned and operated as a family business for two decades, Brunton Engineering & Construction unites the latest technology with traditional customer values. The company strives to cultivate a long-term, honest relationship with clients, making Brunton Engineering & Construction renowned for combining a highly personal approach with unparalleled technical expertise. Loyalty and consistency are the bedrock values of Brunton’s Engineering & Construction’s workplace culture.

Full service

Brunton Engineering & Construction is committed to providing full and comprehensive service to customers, offering reassurance and expertise on every issue arising. The company works closely with clients across every stage of a project – with attention to detail which provides an unrivalled sense of ownership over the result. The company maintains a dedicated roster of permanent construction staff, who build the cumulative experience of the company and deliver projects with an increasingly refined and detailed focus over time.


Spanning four broad divisions – Mechanical, Structural, Civil and Concrete, and Rail – Brunton Engineering & Construction is prepared to meet rapidly evolving challenges. The company works closely with our clients to maximise cost efficiency, develop project requirements and expectations, and ensure all compliance requirements are met before construction begins. The judicious use of CAD allows Brunton Engineering & Construction staff to conceptualise and efficiently resolve any issues prior to arriving onsite.



As a family business, each Brunton Engineering & Construction staff member plays a pivotal role in the company’s expertise and operations. Brunton Engineering & Construction is managed by Geoff (mechanical engineering), who provides a wealth of wisdom and experience; Daniel (structural engineering), whose younger touch fits closely with a modern approach; and Matthew (civil engineering), who keeps these two perspectives finely balanced.

The relationship of varied expertise and combined passion has made Brunton Engineering & Construction what it is today.

Geoffrey Brunton
Managing Director

Dip. Mech. Eng., Cert. Civil Eng.

Geoff has over 50 years’ experience in all facets of industrial plant relocations and installations. With a Structural Engineering background, he has worked with several prominent Australian manufacturing businesses including Ford, Kodak and Sidchrome. Geoff also has a background in conveyor and crane design.

As Managing Director, Geoff oversees Brunton Engineering & Construction while focusing on structural and civil projects. His exceptional experience of 50 years, combined with his levelheadedness, adds immeasurable wisdom to Brunton Engineering & Construction’s work in these dual areas of expertise – a combination yielding valuable interdisciplinary insights and solutions.

Matthew Brunton
Civil Engineering Manager

Matthew has been involved in building conveyor pits, robot bases, concrete panels and more for over 20 years, and is a former Apprentice of the Year. He currently leads Brunton Engineering & Construction’s Civil Engineering division.

Originally from a trade background, Matthew has worked for over 30 years in carpentry (both timber and concrete constructions). He has a keen interest in concrete structures, including bridges, culverts and excavation.

Matthew is widely respected for his practical background and understanding of civil and structural projects, coupled with a highly innovative attitude to engineering. His practical guidance on all major civil projects ensures optimal construction outcomes, efficient delivery, and exceptional quality standards.

Daniel Brunton
Project Engineer

B.Env., M.Eng

Daniel has ten years’ experience in estimation and tendering, all aspects of design and engineering, the development of 3D models and drawings, and the management of workshop, site labour and subcontractors.

With his detailed focus on construction, Daniel maintains a keen interest and intricate involvement in structural projects such as bridges, buildings (including rectification, strengthening and life-cycle improvements), as well as structural health monitoring, inspections and maintenance.

Daniel works closely with his clients to develop their quality, safety, time and budget requirements, in addition to developing detailed designs and building solutions for structural projects. As a younger member of the Brunton family, Daniel’s academic background adds fresh perspective to major projects. He is known for his novel ideas and consistent ability to find innovative solutions for complex problems.

Aldrin Mcleod
Project Engineer
Brendan Coolahan
Rail Services Manager
Damian Andrews
Business Development Manager
David Evans
Project Engineer
David Peters
Workshop Manager
Giacomo Cremasco
Graduate Engineer

Range of Staff & Services

To ensure every project precisely meets the assigned requirements, Brunton Engineering & Construction maintains a range of permanent construction staff with extensive knowledge of each major task of the company.