Toyota Australia – Machine Installation and Maintenance


Toyota Australia is one of Australia’s major producers and distributors in the automotive market. Brunton has worked with Toyota since 1996 on multiple projects, including Toyota’s engine shop upgrade. 






Our Solution

  • Brunton installed hundreds of pieces of Japanese equipment. The team interpreted the Japanese drawings and blueprints to identify anchoring locations in the space. They laid these designs out on a CAD drawing of the new building.
  • By conceptualising the full design process in a CAD format, the team completed the work phases for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Brunton provided subcontractor works to support Toyota to effectively connect the machines.
  • Brunton managed the unloading of hundreds of containers at an offsite location. The team then brought this equipment into the final laydown area of the factory. Brunton also installed various machines.
  • The team also identified areas where Toyota’s processes could be improved with the use of mechanical works.
  • During shutdown periods, Brunton laid out hundreds of machines that processed specific engine components. They completed this layout work with a professional meteorologist to within +/- 1mm accuracy.

Our Results

The project took about three months to complete. Brunton had numerous subcontractors on the project but became Toyota’s main point of contact.