CSR Bradford – Plant Relocation and Realignment


CSR Bradford is Australia’s leading supplier of insulation. As part of Visy Build Run Repair – an engineering services business that is part of the Visy family. The client needed to relocate their plant to a different area to produce a higher volume of their products.






Brunton was engaged by the client to relocate and realign their plant to the new location in Scoresby.

Our Solution

  • Brunton conducted a detailed laser survey of the existing plant. This helped the team know what the original looked like for the relocation.
  • The project engineer understood the functions of different trades for this project.
  • Brunton catalogued all the plant equipment. They then transported everything they catalogued across multiple weekend shutdown periods over three months.
  • The team used the information they collected to help them mark out new equipment locations at the Scoresby site. They also realigned roller-based machinery to tolerances ≤ 0.5 mm over 10 metres.

Our Results

This project came in under budget with the direction of the appointed project engineer.