Visy – FennoBond Civil Works


Visy is an international leader in the packaging, recycling and paper industries. They provide packaging products and solutions to create sustainable packaging for a healthier planet. Visy Build Run Repair is an engineering services subbranch. They offer a range of services to support the pulp and paper, recycling, packaging and waste to energy industries.






The client required a sturdy and safe way to store chemicals for their FennoBond VP4 plant. They wanted to prevent any chemical leaks that could affect the bordering lake.

Brunton supported the client with an end-to-end solution. This ensured the client only had to deal with one point of contact to swiftly execute the project.

Our Solution

  • Brunton underwent in-house drafting and consultant calculation of concrete structures that would support the tanks.
  • The in-situ 5 metre deep retaining wall gave the chemical bund building and adjacent tankers support to hold the chemicals.
  • Brunton conducted bulk excavation of the existing carpark to create a rock bed for the base slab of the retaining wall. The team them backfilled a 350 mm wall with Class 2 FCR.
  • The bund-building process was completed in separate pours so the team could follow the approved design.
  • Brunton installed an underground 8 KL fibreglass tank to capture chemical wastes and stormwater that is discharged. The team also conducted a range of mechanical works to connect the pipelines.
  • To round out the project, the team:
    • reshaped the adjacent landscape
    • installed blue shades to reflect Visy’s brand and the new infrastructure.

Our Results

Brunton prides themself on delivering end-to-end solutions, rather than different parts of a project. The team managed different subcontractors to execute the project.