Various – Timber Structures


Brunton’s state-of-the-art woodwork shop lets the team clean up timber that comes straight out of the mill. They then use the wood in different ways to construct structures for our clients. The team used wood for the pre-assembly and site installation of railway bridges, the Regent Theatre Upgrade and Werribee Open Range Zoo.






Our Solution – The Regent Theatre

  • The Regent Theatre is an icon in Melbourne’s theatre scene. But the display cases needed an update in-line with modern times.
  • With Brunton’s specialty in composite structures, the team stepped in to help Icon Constructions and Mariner Group upgrade the outdated display cases.
  • These display frames boarded three LCD screens and are doors to the electrical panels. The process involved:
    • constructing steel frames that the team can mount to the walls
    • timber specialists building wooden doors and bolting them onto the front of these steel frames
    • working with a coppersmith to add copper embellishments to the timber frames.
  • As this was a heritage-listed structure, Brunton collaborated with a specialised architect from Heritage Victoria.
  • Brunton managed multiple subcontractors and was the main point of contact for the client.

Our Solution – Werribee Open Range Zoo

  • The Werribee Open Range Zoo is a popular attraction for locals and tourists. The client wanted to modernise the hippo enclosure with new timber handrailing and decking.
  • Brunton adapted their processes to work around the African hippos in the enclosure. For example, the team wore blue and black shirts as the hippos were antagonised by high-visibility clothing.
  • The team delivered the project in a week before the school holiday rush.