Various – Bridge Maintenance Works


A bridge plays an important role in any city or town. Maintaining these bridges requires specialised skillsets to ensure they are structurally sound. Brunton regularly maintains a different bridge types for several clients. The team specialise in civil, concrete, structural and mechanical engineering.






Brunton’s recent works have been on the Tocumwal Rail Bridge and the Flinders Street Viaduct.

Our Process – Tocumwal Railway Bridge

  • V/Line engaged Brunton for the remediation of Tocumwal railway bridge over the Murray River.
  • The team did a 3D laser scan to work out the location of rivets that were important to the structural integrity. The team used timber jigs to check the overall fit before to the two-week installation period.
  • Brunton waited until the water was low enough for the team to access the site. They also used mobile barges to get to the site and replaced crucial steel components on the lower diaphragms.
  • Brunton installed the bolts in a way that maintained the look and feel of the original rivets.

Our Process – The Flinders Street Viaduct

  • The Flinders Street Viaduct is an essential part of Melbourne’s City Loop as it handles all of Melbourne’s rail traffic.
  • Brunton supported McElligotts Coatings with significant defect remediation before the surface treatment. This helped the team identify and resolve defects. Brunton then commenced the maintenance work on the bridge.
  • The team worked in lots of tight spaces. This resulted in a lot of work for a lot of project progression. Brunton worked to a tight timeframe, which was influenced by train schedules and external stakeholders.

Our Process – Masonry Works

  • Brunton has provided different masonry services over the years, including:
    • crack and concrete repairs
    • carbon fibre installation
    • grout works
    • coatings