V/Line – Station Infrastructure


Most, if not all of, the older V/Line stations were built for a small number of commuters to catch the train. But as Victoria’s population grows, these stations need to grow with them. Brunton tendered for the design, supply and installation of V/Line shelters at different train stations, including Bacchus Marsh, Donnybrook and Melton.






Our Solution

  • Brunton evaluated the site for any existing services via service detection. This made sure the shelter sites were in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • The team consulted local councils to get an understanding of the heritage constraints that may apply to the shelter fabrication. Brunton worked with V/Line to understand the train shelter’s colour scheme.
  • Brunton conducted offsite pre-assembly and onsite assembly to optimise construction. The pre-assembly of the structures allowed the team to work around train operations.
  • The team worked avoided major disruption to the train networks, including regular major night works. Brunton had two key approaches for the shelter installation:
    • Install the shelter in its entirety as a quick.
    • Assemble the shelter on a piece-by-piece basis so the area isn’t encumbered.

Our Results

A key outtake from this project was Brunton’s flexibility. The team worked with multiple stakeholders to turn the client’s ideas and aesthetics into a cohesive design.