V/Line – Otway Road Composite Bridge


There are numerous engineering companies that specialise in either steel bridges or concrete components. Brunton are experts in composite structures – a combination of these two materials to make the structures work in smart ways. Composite bridges allow for structure installation that reduces disruptions to external stakeholders.






V/Line engaged Brunton to build a structurally sound bridge for Otway Road in Warrnambool, Victoria.

Our Solution

  • Brunton completed the project in 8 weeks.
  • The team fabricated two 1200 WB girders and several cross-girders with welded shear studs. They also constructed a pre-cast concrete desk that they can separate from the shear studs.
  • Brunton checked that the bridge was up to standards before the team transported them to the site. They worked with VicRoads and local councils to get permits for transporting over-sized cargo within the state.
  • The team successfully:
    • delivered a 35-tonne steel structure on an oversized load from Melbourne to Warrnambool
    • transported a 40-tonne concrete structure to the site.
  • Brunton lifted the steel up first, then overlaid the concrete on top to create a composite bridge.