V/Line – Bacchus Marsh Embankment Stabilisation


V/Line plays an important role in getting commuters to key regional areas. Located approximately 50 metres away from the Melbourne CBD, Bacchus Marsh is one of the many locations on the V/Line network. Brunton supported V/Line by remediating two embankment locations using erosion matting, hydroseeding, and culvert and retaining wall installation.






Our Solution – Erosion Matting, Hydroseeding and Embankment Remediation

  • Brunton surveyed the existing site over 12 days. This allowed the team to determine the site’s layout and laydown area for the materials they needed for the project. Brunton completed service detection of the location to work out critical service assets in the area.
  • The team removed vegetation and any contaminated materials across 300 metres of embank The existing embankment slope was reprofiled into a uniform profile with a long-reach excavator.
  • Brunton avoided cross-contamination by using EPA-approved trucks to transport the spoils to an off-site landfill. We also applied 5800m2 of hydroseeding mix that was combined with soil conditioner.
  • The team installed the matting via rope access. This gave the team safe access to the steep embankment. They then installed the berm by using non-dispersive fill. This prevented water flowing down embankment.
  • Brunton carried out additional maintenance works in the area. This included cleaning out the culvert silt trap by partially draining a sediment pond. The team decommissioned a redundant pipe by removing silt build up, then backfilling the pipe with liquid cement.

Our Solution – Culvert and Retaining Wall Installation, Embankment Remediation

  • At a site 5 km south-west, Brunton surveyed the existing features of the site to develop a comprehensive understanding of the area. They worked out the site layout, laydown area and estimation of fill material that was required.
  • The preliminary works included strengthening the existing access track to allow civil and cranage equipment access to the site.
  • Brunton installed a new culvert to extend the toe at the base of the embankment. This was followed by twelve 600 mm piles to an average depth of four metres to support a new 50-metre long retaining wall.
  • The team backfilled the culvert with approximately 10,000 tonnes of fill material to strengthen the retaining wall’s structure. They then shaped the embankment profile to blend in with the existing natural profile.
  • Beaching was installed in front of the culvert in accordance with Melbourne Water requirements.

Our Results

A major outcome of this project was to ensure the embankments were structurally stable.

Brunton also worked in good faith with the client by updating V/Line on any changes to the project design. This ensured the client wasn’t overspending whenever the project design changed.