Mitchell Shire Council – Kilmore Pedestrian Bridges


The Mitchell Shire Council is made up of numerous townships and is set to grow in population over the coming years. The client put out a tender for the supply and installation of two steel-truss pedestrian bridges over the McIvor Creek in Kilmore.



Mitchell Shire Council



Brunton were successful in our tender application for this project and supported the client in the design and fabrication of these bridges.

Our Solution

  • Brunton managed different parts of the project from the start.
  • The team conducted a geotechnical investigation to work out if the site was suitable and safe for the bridge installation.
  • The team then underwent a site survey. This information informed the overall design and structure of the steel trusses. Brunton used these trusses for the two bridges.
  • The trusses were designed in consultation with Brunton’s design partner, Creo Consultants. They achieved a structurally sound design for the two bridges.
  • Brunton fabricated the two truss bridges in-house and off-site. The team created central splice connections within the truss bridges to make delivery less complex. They also assembled all fibreglass reinforced plastic grating panels prior to.
  • Brunton constructed some elements onsite, including:
    • bored piers
    • abutments
    • retaining walls
    • footpaths
  • Brunton used a 250 tonne all-terrain slewing crane to install the two bridges across McIvor Creek. The team used the crane lift the various bridge segments into the final, in-situ location.

Our Results

The footpath gave locals safe ways to cross the Kilmore Creek and access new facilities. It also helped support local transit routes.

Brunton installed the bridges over an active highway with a 10-minute window. This let locals on the road get on with their days quickly and without disruption.