Goulburn Murray Water – Mildura Weir Cofferdam


Goulburn Murray Water is Australia’s largest rural water organisation. They provide reliable water-based services to regional Victoria. The client needed works on the Mildura Weir, which is located on the Murray River.






Brunton was engaged by the client for the supply of a moveable cofferdam.

Our Solution

  • Brunton used the heritage drawings and modern technology to produce a 3D model and fabrication drawings. The heritage drawings helped the team retrofit the drawings into a modern design.
  • The team fabricated over 16 tonnes of structural steel across a three-month period.
  • Brunton designed the final product so that it could be separated into multiple pieces. This let the team transport and reassemble them onsite
  • Onsite, the team fitted:
    • two sluice valves
    • ten large steel castors
    • four sets of truck landing gears
    • two submersible hydraulic jacks.
  • Brunton tailored rubber seals and flaps to seal cofferdam to the river floor, restricting surrounding river from getting into the work area. The team identified any minor discrepancies and fixed them on the spot.
  • The team manufactured a davit crane and hoist to safely lower all equipment into the work area. They also transported the pieces of the cofferdam across a lock to the dam runway with truck and crane configurations.
  • Brunton also spent one month onsite to push the cofferdam into the water. This allowed the client to commence the required maintenance work on the weir.

Our Results

Brunton completed the final installation five days ahead of schedule, ensuring the client can conduct maintenance works sooner.