Barrett Burston Malting – Kiln Modification Project


Barrett Burston Malting is a major supplier of malt to Australia’s domestic and international brewing industry for more than 150 years. Our client required an upgrade to their burners to support the production of high-quality malt products to suit all types of beers and brewing methods. Their kilns were low-efficient and produced high-emission levels.



Barrett Burston Malting



We supported Barrett Burston Malting by helping them overhaul their outdated burners for a modern system of nitrogen oxide (NOx)-free, high performance Varinox heaters. We also installed glass tube heat exchanger units supplied by Swiss company Flucorrex.

Our Solution

  • Travelled onsite to the Barrett Burston Malting facility in Geelong, Victoria and conducted a laser point cloud survey of the site to model the location. The team 3D models to develop the foundations of the final structure and full fabrication drawings.
  • Brunton coordinated multiple staff across a range of trades. This included electricians, plumbers, heater technicians, cladders, sheet metal workers, riggers and crane operators.
  • The team used high-quality technologies imported from trusted international suppliers, including Flurcorrex.
  • Brunton fabricated more than 110 tonnes of structural steelwork, which comprised of large-welded beams and multi-story access stairs and platforms across two kilns.
  • The team manufactured large, fully sealed steel air ducts for both kilns. This helped the air processes for both kilns to remain undisrupted during malt production.
  • Brunton installed different types of proprietary equipment, including:
    • three large air heaters that were 5 m (W) x 4 m (H) x 8 m (L)
    • 44 packs of extremely delicate bundles of glass tube heat exchanger units, which allowed for effective heat transfer between the kilns for optimal malt production.

Our Results

The project ran for nine months. Brunton completed the project in-line with the client’s production schedule. This ensured the client could maintain the 300 tonnes of malt supplied each day to breweries around Victoria. This project showcased Brunton’s expertise in several trades and areas of engineering.