ARTC – Frampton Road Bridge


The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is an Australian Government-owned statutory organisation. With a rail network of over 8,500 km, ARTC is one of the largest rail networks in the country. ARTC engaged Burnton to replace an outdated timber overbridge at Frampton Sliding between the two regional New South Wales towns of Junee and Cootamundra.






The wooden bridge decayed overtime and became unsafe for cars and locals to cross. Brunton replaced the bridge and effectively managed a number of contractors to complete the project.

Our Solution

  • Brunton coordinated geotechnical specialists for the initial investigations into the surrounding vegetation and environment. The team then carried out further site surveys to understand the location, bridge and any potential problems.
  • The team used the InQuik modular bridge system because of the quick assembly and ability to be poured in-situ. This negated the need for large cranes.
  • Brunton worked with Hyatt Ground Engineering to conduct and complete piling works in the first week.
  • The team use a slewing crane during the second week to unload and place the InQuik abutments and bridge decks into the correct positions. The client requested that we use a simply supported span. This required the design and installation of a tapered bearing plate to both the handle and the four-degree angle of the bridge.
  • The final week of this project involved the construction and development of the crushed rock access. The team reconnected the existing fencing to the structure and stock-proofed the bridge.

Our Results

Brunton completed the project in accordance with ARTC Project Management’s audit. This audit required all project documentation, safe working, supervision and performance of the task aligned with ARTC’s processes and procedures. This allows Brunton to better support ARTC in the future.